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Lets Get Moving

January 18, 2018
Ryan Sturgeon

Do you ever think to yourself “there is something missing” or “I wish there was more I could do”? I certainly have! For years I have been missing out on sports and leisure activities that I used to love so much! I used to play soccer, football, badminton, and many other sports. Sports were a big part of my life. We all need connection with people, leisure activities, and exercise. For me, sports was the answer. I broke my neck and my back in an accident in 1999 which left me as a person with incomplete quadriplegia. I walk slowly with a cane which seems to have left me caught in between two worlds. I did not see myself as an avid wheelchair user that could participate in wheelchair sports nor did I see myself as a person whom had the ability to stand and participate in any sort of sport. Part of me lacked the confidence as well and another part did not even know how to start. Was I really able to play any sports? Would I have the athletic ability? No matter what your disability I am sure we can all relate that it’s not always easy to try something new and put yourself out there for things like sports. Within the past year I made a decision. I was going to reclaim that part of my life. I was going to get back what I was missing. I have started training to try and become better in a wheelchair and stronger. I have also started looking for sports or leisure opportunities lately, but sadly have come up with very little. You see, I live in Brandon and the nearest opportunity for sports would seem to be in Winnipeg. I would love the opportunity to try some sports and I have started trying to get local people talking. I started a Facebook group called Brandon Wheelchair Sports and Leisure to help coordinate some efforts to get more sports and leisure activities in the Brandon and surrounding Westman Area. I spoke with multiple agencies and in the end partnered with Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation, Healthy Together Now, and Brandon Mobility to bring a wheelchair curling clinic to Brandon in November with plans to later start a curling team, but need participants! This is an opportunity for individuals with limited mobility to participate in a wheelchair curling clinic regardless of age or ability. This is for anyone with limited mobility, balance etc. (they don’t necessarily have to be a full time wheelchair user or wheelchair dependent). It is a great way to build confidence, become active, and build relationships. Participation is sports has many physical, mental, and emotional benefits. For injuries, disabilities, and the aging population this is a great way to experience all the benefits of sports and leisure activities.

This exciting opportunity is FREE for everyone! We are practicing EVERY Thursday starting January 25, 2018 from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Brandon Curling Club! Anyone with a mobility impairment is welcome to come and try! You do not need any experience or equipment. Do you know a client or loved one that could benefit? If you know of anyone that may be interested, please feel free to pass along this information. You can also direct them to the Brandon Wheelchair Sports and Leisure Facebook page.

Please register here. Come out and try curling!

Welcome to BWcSL

January 14, 2018
Jeremy Finn

Welcome to the new Brandon Wheelchair Sports and Leisure website! It's been a ton of fun to create. This is the first website I've created in years, but it all comes back pretty fast. Although my free time is spent with programming, I hope to merge the two fields in the near future.

This site was designed in an effort to make it easier to pass along upcoming events, and to help future members to find us.

If you have questions, concerns, or even ideas regarding the website please feel free to EMAIL ME